The Spiritual Scientist

Physical scientists have for some time operated in worlds that lie beyond the reach of the human eye.  The physical scientist enters as deep and as far as he can into these invisible realms in his effort to come closer to the original source of things.  The closer one comes to source, the closer one comes to power.

Through the advancement of their instruments these dedicated pioneers have continued to gain power and knowledge in their endeavor to control physical phenomena and events. It is through the efforts of physical scientists that humanity has been relieved of the crush of physical labor, protected from the forces of nature, extended human life and uncovered mysteries in the evolution of the physical forms used by Life.

Deep as physical scientists may travel into the laws regulating physical matter and formation, there is a point in which their instruments can go no further.  Even as they succeed in creating that which appears to be a low life form, they cannot, nor will not, arrive at the directing and intelligent will that animates and operates within Life bearing forms. Their physical tools do not reach the world of Spirit and so they cannot lead humanity on the road to its divine purpose; immortality of consciousness and vision of the Creator in creation. This is the work of the spiritual scientist.

The world is now capable of receiving and comprehending the unveiled truth behind physical formation and evolution.  Practical knowledge of the science of soul, mind, and spirit is what human intellect now hungers for and is more than ready to receive.  Without knowledge and understanding of the world of Spirit, humanity will be crushed, not by physical labor, but by the chemistry of matter. For this reason the spiritual scientist will now open the textbooks of the Spirit and deliver the mysteries to all.

Physical scientists have developed physical tools for their research into the world that lies beyond physical sight, touch, smell and hearing.  They could not have entered as far as they do into this invisible world, however, were it not for the use of will, imagination, ordered thought, and feeling, all of which are invisible powers belonging to the human Spirit.

It is the task of the Spiritual scientist to reveal to the logical mind the identity of the Spirit Itself.  He is to teach the development and use  of the human form itself  as the instrument through which men can directly contact, and work with the invisible Life that thrills in creation; the world of Spirit. It is for the spiritual scientist to reveal to the logical mind of man his true identity and the immortality of the Soul.

Once we begin to work consciously for and with the inner identity, our progress, both universally and individually, will be at lightning speed.  We will do things we cannot imagine today.

New vision
We are standing on the threshold of a new era.  We will soon, very soon, have a new way of seeing ourselves and all other living forms that will cause us to think of our present vision, our present understanding of ourselves, as having been very, very primitive.

We will soon have physical tools that will allow us to both see and hear the colors and sounds which emanate from all Life bearing forms.  The first layer of the human astral form will become scientific fact.  This new vision is but another sign that marks the moment. The time has come for the doors of the mystery schools to be opened and the science of the Spirit to become the property of all.

Human intellect can no longer be nourished with outer ceremonies, symbology and mythology. Nor can it be limited solely to information received from five physical senses if it is to progress.  It is time for everyman to see the truth and to learn to work consciously and knowledgably for the happiness and well being of his true and immortal identity.  It is time for all to study the science of the Spirit and to see the Soul.

When the image of his immortal Self is revealed to any individual and becomes his reality, he is naturally driven into activities that create the sensation of happiness.  How?  The endeavors of his activity become focused upon the well being of this identity, rather than the attractions and desires of the temporal form.  When the inner identity is freed from laboring for the temporal physical form and its personality, and the individual learns to work consciously and logically with the formative powers of the mind and the soul, the indwelling Spirit has at last a vehicle capable of using these creative powers at a speed more suitable to Its intelligence.  This makes the Spirit of man, the indweller, happy.

When the Spirit is happy, the human personality feels the thrill of happiness. Why?  The Spirit loves to create.  When the individual has vision and knowledge of Spiritual laws and operations, and the wisdom to use that power for his immortal identity, he gains the freedom that he has longed for since birth.  He is free to create on Earth what heaven wills.

We will be aghast when we look back and wonder that we remained so long looking at, and working for, the protective form rather than working  for, and with, the power of  our true self,  the indwelling  Christ.

“Greater things wilt thou do”